For All Your Barite Needs


Simple Values

At baritera we know that each company power stands within its customer’s satisfaction that’s why we value our customers more than everything, we’re going make sure that we’d be your best suppliers and that we will supply best barite quality in the market, we believe that the customer-supplier relationship should be built on trust and coherence and we will make sure to fulfill our part in any agreement we make even at our own lost cause no money is worth a customer satisfaction.

Simple Choices

A person’s choices determine his future. We believe it goes the same way for any company, bad choices mean a corrupted and wrongly handled production & management, Choices we made many wrong ones they’re the facts that shaped our company we learned from them and they helped us grow, we sure will make more of them but much less and we hope that we will learn from them together.

Simple People

Baritera works with a superb team of professional people that dedicate all their best to the company some with over 40 years of work experience, all this men power to propose the best product in the market we’re dedicated to barite production for over 60 years.

60 years of research work and dedication.

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